Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Today the paint brushes took a rest in this house as we had visitors, so I got some attention, at last!

Sam decided it would be good to play trains - little did I know what I was in for!

Good thing the train was going the other way, I could have been squashed! See how he thinks it is funny!

This is a bit hairy, I don't even fit in the carriage! Hope he holds on to me very tightly!

At least I got a kiss after my hair raising experience! And Sam said I was nice and soft, not prickly!

Monday, 9 August 2010

This house went a bit diy mad over the weekend!
Rachel and Andy came to sort out the bannisters, and here I am inspecting the progress! Ouch, he missed that nail!

Andy says this is a vital piece of equipment, just know it was too heavy for me to lift!

I'm told this stuff is sticky, and will hold everything in place. Better make sure I keep away from it, don't want to get my fur glued up!

I know Mum told me to stay away from holes, but I had to see if there was anything in this one on top of the post. Help I think I'm a bit stuck!

Today I followed Nana out to the garage to inspect the paint, wow, some of those tins sure look old. Getting out of here before one falls on me and I get flattened!

Climbed up the paintbrush to look in this tin, think I'll back down quick, whoever has heard of a red hedgehog!

Just thought I'd let you know I am still around, and not asleep! Well, only what you humans call catnaps!
Here's a couple of pics from a summer evening, bbQ with Rachel and Andy! I offered to help lay the mats on the table, and got my nose squashed for my efforts!
Soon made up for that though by finding a glass of vino, just one problem, how do I reach the drink? Suggestions on a postcard please!