Thursday, 18 February 2010

I'm so sorry I've been MIA, that's what Nana calls it! But to be honest I've been sleeping! But I have tackled this week's questions!

I'd like to be a lorry driver when I grow bigger, at the moment all the lorries are either too big or too small for me!

If I went to school I'd like to study cookery, it looks like fun, and you get to be messy sometimes, but at the end you have yummy food!

I don't think I'd like to study languages at school, can't even understand English sometimes, all those wierd words! In fact, I don't think I'd like to go to school at all! Interrupts sleeping time!

Food I've tried and not liked - EGGS! I don't understand how something that is hard when you first take it can turn into something soft and sometimes runny!

Haven't met any new people this week, probably because I was asleep! But I did get to meet Iggle Pop! Not sure who he is but Sam seems to like him a lot and let me have my photo taken with him!

I'm still thinking who I'd like to meet, would have to be someone really special to top all the great people I have met so far!

And if I had a dinner party, well, I'd have to invite all my special toy friends from UKS!

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Have to be honest here! Yes, Nana has made me very welcome, but Grandpa isn't too sure about me, thinks there are too many hedgehogs in the house already! But he tolerates me!
Nana takes me out most times with her, this is my usual mode of travel, in her shopping bag! That's ok until she puts something heavy in there and I get squashed!

I haven't resorted to spying yet, but found these the other day, might come in useful! They are a bit large for me to carry around though!

Do they share with me? Honest answer - NO! See, I found Grandpa had been eating peanuts, and all that was left for me, well, you can see for yourself! And I'm lucky to get a sniff of chocolate!

Do I think Nana is insane? Well, if I knew what that meant I might be able to answer the question! Long as she remembers me that's all I ask!

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Patch wanted to know my best personality trait, whatever that is! I think I am just a super hedgehog, as I am really jealous I am not allowed to hibernate properly, and sleep, sleep, SLEEP, like this friend! But did you know that? Bet you didn't as I don't like to keep on about it..................much!

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

If I could go anywhere in the world, hmmmm, difficult as I have already been to some foreign parts, but after meeting Koala the other week, and listening to his tales of his homeland, Australia, it did sound rather nice! And warm, so I might not have to hibernate! But he didn't say if I had any relatives there or not, so who would I stay with? Oh yes, Nana has lots of relatives there, maybe they'd put me up, I don't need much! Maybe a trip to Oz could be on the cards! But I'm told it is a long way to fly, though I've done that before, and just sleep the whole time, like hibernating! Off to talk to Nana about this!

Who is the ONE person I would most like to meet? This question makes me feel a bit sad, and I have to whisper so as not to upset Mum or Nana! I would really like to meet my Dad! No one ever seems to talk about him in front of me, makes me wonder if he was a ne'er do good! Maybe one day when I am more grown up someone will tell me about him, until then I can only imagine him! Maybe as a super hero!

Monday, 1 February 2010

OK, so I've been a naughty Hedgie and have been doing what all sensible hedgehogs do this time of year, having a sleep! And jolly good it was too! But then Nana came along and POKED me, told me I had fallen behind and needed to play catch up! So here I am!
Karen set some prompts last week, so here are a few of my answers!
If I could choose a meal, I'm very partial to bangers and mash, not so sure about that green stuff though!

What would I do after a bad day? Well, I think I'd follow Grandpa's example and have a drop of this, he seems to enjoy it but never shares with me!

What do I wish I hadn't done yesterday - offered to help make breakfast, this shiny thing looks dangerous, and nobody warned me it gets hot! What's it for anyway?

Now I need another sleep to think about the rest of those questions!