Thursday, 21 January 2010

Where would I like to be right now? I'd really like to be hibernating, that is what hedgehogs do in the winter apparently! But as I don't seem to be allowed to, I think I'd like to be somewhere like this, sunny and warm! Though I don't like the look of all that water, but Nana says there is dry land! Maybe Aunty Shirley or Aunty Kay will take me away again, though Nana says they can't as I have to stay put with her for the next year to record my adventures!

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

One of my favourite places to be is in Nana's kitchen, partly because it is usually warm, especially by the oven! But mainly because I like food, I like to nibble! This time I didn't find any goodies, but look, I found something for Monkey and Bongo! Shall I send them to you?

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Do I have any annoying habits? What a question! I know humans have such things, but hedgehogs don't, no, definitely not! I even asked this cute angel, and although she wouldn't lend me her halo, she did say I was almost perfect, for a hedgehog!

Monday, 18 January 2010

That nosey Debbie also wanted to know my evening routine! I'm usually pretty tired early in the evening, probably because I haven't been allowed to hibernate, so I'm early to bed as long as Nana doesn't find me and take me out anywhere! I love it in my cosy nest with my snuggly blanket, and since I found those train books, which are the right size to fit in my nest, I've discovered I like reading in bed! I don't always understand all I read, but like looking at the pictures! Night Night!

OK, Debbie asked what was my morning routine, but I don't really have one! All depends on when Nana remembers me and looks to see where I am! But, Nana says I should always have a "wash and brush up" in the morning so I am ready for the day ahead! Can't say I like water very much, you can have it all Duckie, and that huge sink in the bathroom scares me silly, it is all slippy and slidey, and I could fall down the plughole! Oops, looks like Nana needs to descale the overflow bit too! Running to hide now!

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Well, Debbie asked what are my creature comforts, so I'm going to be honest, and a little bit naughty, with you! All I ask is somewhere snuggly to be, and maybe a glass of that bubbly stuff! This photo was taken at Christmas, and Aunty Rachel was so kind to me, letting me snuggle and keep safe out of everyone's way! Wouldn't mind going back there again!

Friday, 15 January 2010

OK, so you caught me out! Right now I am playing! I found these things called trains, even have names, the blue one is Thomas the Tank Engine! Nana's little boys love to play with these when they come to visit, and I'm told that Grandpa likes to play trains too, though his are a little more sophisticated and kept up in a loft, have to sneak up there one day to see! Also found these story books telling of the trains adventures! Maybe one day I'll write a book of my adventures!

Thursday, 14 January 2010

The biggest challenge I have faced? is a challenge, getting used to living with these humans and their funny ways! But I think since coming to live with Nana my biggest challenge has been learning to live with Megan! I am told Megan is a dog, just like you Clemmie! But she is so HUGE compared to me, and is very black and very furry! I think if she got hold of me I would probably be treated as her toy and get chewed up! When I told Nana this she said we would wait until Megan was asleep to take a photo of us together, so here we are!

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Hedgie here, doing the happy dance, well I would if I could be bothered to get out of my nice cosy nest! Just look what Nana whipped up last night with those funny needle things! She said she specially looked for some nice snuggly yarn, and this is all soft and hairy, a bit like me! So good to snuggle into! Mind you, I have had the lecture that I am not allowed to use it if I have dirty paws!
Now I would really be ready to hibernate, so tempting as we have had some more of that snow stuff! Luckily I didn't get taken out in it today! Happy snuggling everyone! Sorry if you haven't got a nice cosy nest!

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Well, I was in a happy mood when I woke up this morning, I slept really well in my new nest! Went for a wander round and look what I found on the kitchen worktop! Well, I've sneaked a piece of chocolate before and it was lovely, but Nana said it wasn't good for me, something about the waistline, but maybe the odd bit would be ok occassionally! Now I am feeling very sad as SOMEONE has obviously been eating chocolate and I didn't even get offered a tiny bit! I won't forget this in a hurry! Maybe if I could look very sad Nana would feel sorry for me and find me a treat of some sort, trouble is I seem to have a naturally happy face!

Monday, 11 January 2010

Oh I am so pleased with Nana today! Last evening she sat watching tv with these funny stick things in her hands, and look, she's made me my very own little nest, even shaped to fit me!

Nana must have been feeling guilty as so many of my friends have been talking about their new beds, clothes etc, and I haven't had anything, no, not one thing!

Do you think I would be pushing my luck if I asked for a blanket or a pillow? Just to make it a little more cosy! Maybe I'd better go and hide in my nest!

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Oh my! Have I been surprised today! Nana said as I had been very good I could explore some more today! So I had a nosey round and then asked to be lifted up to see in this display cupboard!
Imagine, loads more of my relatives, all different shapes and sizes, and even some pictures, some look very old, do they call that heritage?

Nana says she has been collecting hedgehogs as long as she can remember, that is why there are so many! Most were given to her so that they have a good and safe home!

Look, there are even hedgehogs on those things people drink out of, though Nana says they are not for use, they are too pretty! And they might get broken!
See the white one here, he has a wick in him so if he misbehaves he could be set alight. Well that is what Nana says but I don't think she would do that!
I think I could be up here for quite a while getting to know all these hedgies, lots of new friends and playmates! If you can't find me now you know where to look!

Saturday, 9 January 2010

I am so small, and when I go exploring I tend to get in a pickle!

This huge drum thing is for washing clothes, well, I don't need that!

I went to look in this cupboard and the door shut on me!

Same thing happened when I looked in this drawer!

And this thing gets very hot, but it does cook my food!

Today I have been very scared by all these things people take for granted! Everything is so large, or am I just very little? Can you see why I am so timid, and would feel so much safer hibernating, but not in Mrs N's compost heap!
At least I didn't get dragged out in the cold today! Thank you Nana!

Friday, 8 January 2010

It is only mid day but I have already learnt why hedgehogs hibernate in the winter! Nana just took me outside again, and that awful white, cold stuff is still there! She put me on top of a shed to take my photo, and the scene of the garden is just white, I could easily get lost out there! Please, please Nana, rescue me, I want to go back in the warm! I am not meant to be out in the snow and ice, however pretty it looks! My paws and tummy are so cold! Maybe a bowl of soup? Auntie Shirley, where are you?

Thursday, 7 January 2010

I decided today I was staying INSIDE! TOO MUCH COLD out there! So Nana said she'd take me into the Craft room! I've been there before, but not stayed long! It is such a confusing place, so many things in there! I had a good explore, and as you can see, I got into such a pickle and had to be rescued so many times! After my last escapade in the ribbon box I think Nana got fed up with me, so I was sent to bed! Am I complaining?

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

I have been looking out of the windows on and off since last night as all this snow stuff has been falling again! Looks very pretty, but Nana says it causes havoc as no one is used to coping with it! I heard Nana and Auntie Sarah say they were going for a walk, didn't fancy that, so tried hiding, should have chosen a better place than inside Nana's hat as she found me there, and, indignity, stuffed me in her pocket! I should be grateful Nana didn't slip over and squash me! Every so often I was brought out to see what was going on! See, they sat me on top of this huge pile of snow, gave me vertigo! I won't tell you the other indignities I suffered! Then, when we finally got home, and a chance to get in the warm, Nana said I really should try snowman building! WHY? Anyway, that's my effort, not quite as good as some I saw earlier! Least now I am inside again, and can get warm!

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Me again, and I've found another book, though it is so large I needed help to lift it and open it! Nana and Grandpa have been talking about DIY, wish they wouldn't talk in code, so I asked for some info, and look what I got! Am I supposed to read all this! Lots of mentions of paintbrushes, paint, tools..............oh, I'm so lost! Even the pictures don't help! Seems DIY stands for do it yourself, don't think I'll be joining in this one! When are they planning to do it anyway?

Monday, 4 January 2010

This morning Nana was doing something called housework, which to me didn't look very exciting, so she suggested I went and read a book! I found this pile of children's books, and thought this one looked interesting, lots of pictures, all about a robot! Who would have thought I could get into such trouble reading a book! Luckily Nana noticed when I squeaked and rescued me! Maybe I'll give up this reading lark!

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Exercise, that's a word being bandied around a lot, in conjunction with New Year and resolutions, really don't understand! Watched Grandpa this morning on this thing called the Wii Fit, hard not to laugh at him! Did I hear you ask where Nana was through all this - she was sitting there, laughing!
Asked if I wanted a go, do I really want to look like that person on there? I like being round and cuddly! And anyway, this remote thing, it's bigger than me, and heavier, what are they thinking? Maybe that it will anchor me in one spot so I can't get into mischief? I'll just stick to my gentle meanderings and sleeping and give this exercise lark a miss for now!

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Holiday, that is a word I've heard a lot over the past few days, and I was taken to this shop where there were lots of brochures about different places! Don't really understand, but did like the look of this duck! be quite happy to follow him around!

Am I the lightest toy around here? Wow, all that Christmas food and I haven't put on any weight! Bet my Nana has! But she wouldn't fit on these scales, so how can I find out? As long as they keep feeding me, I should stay this weight for the year, hope so!

I've been given this quote, I am supposed to make sense of it!
"And now let us welcome the New Year, full of things that have never been" Rainer Marie Wilke
I'm completely baffled so went to talk to this friend who lives on top of the tv in the kitchen! Wonder if he is old enough to make sense of these words?

My name is Hedgie, so original, but that's humans for you! Together with my Mum, I found a home, via Steph, with Kathy and her family. This happened last June when a large group of crafting ladies all came together in the New Forest. The whole weekend was a bit of a whirlwind for me, and I was subjected to some very strange ordeals, which have already been documented! Since coming home with Kathy I have had quiet times and hectic times, but this year is going to be special as I have my own blog to record my daily activities!