Monday, 9 August 2010

This house went a bit diy mad over the weekend!
Rachel and Andy came to sort out the bannisters, and here I am inspecting the progress! Ouch, he missed that nail!

Andy says this is a vital piece of equipment, just know it was too heavy for me to lift!

I'm told this stuff is sticky, and will hold everything in place. Better make sure I keep away from it, don't want to get my fur glued up!

I know Mum told me to stay away from holes, but I had to see if there was anything in this one on top of the post. Help I think I'm a bit stuck!

Today I followed Nana out to the garage to inspect the paint, wow, some of those tins sure look old. Getting out of here before one falls on me and I get flattened!

Climbed up the paintbrush to look in this tin, think I'll back down quick, whoever has heard of a red hedgehog!


  1. I've only witnessed a little bit of DIY since the start of the year, but to me the best thing to do it keep well out of the way. It looks far too much like hard work!! Monkey x

  2. Climbing up the paintbrush is pretty impressive Hedgie, you must have a good sense of balance.
    I hope you manage to stay away from the wet paint as well as the glue!!!

  3. Hi Hedgie how are you, great to see you cuddling oliver and doing a bit of DIY.
    i have a bit of a problem, Clemmie seems to have done a walkabout, have you seen him?
    love Lynne xx

  4. Hedgie. glad you didn't get stuck in that hole. Think it is probably best to keep out of the way they might use you for a paintbrush.