Monday, 11 October 2010

Hello friends! I've just come home from a mini holiday at the seaside with Nana and her friends! They were going to spend the weekend scrapping, a bit boring for me but luckily some of my friends came too! Here we all are just getting to the beach, so had to play with the shells!

Sitting up on this groyne was a bit hairy, long way to fall, and those pebbles look very hard to land on! Was a bit breezy so I was lucky not to get blown away!

Koala and I wandered off and found this upturned boat, not easy to climb up, but gave us a good view out to sea!

Those adults decided to subject us to some indignity for this photo, no chance of falling off here as we were wedged so tightly on that stick!

Oh, didn't realise at the time if I fell off I'd land in the water!

I got a bit lost among these large pebbles, not easy to scramble over with my little legs! Luckily Nana found me again and picked me up!
It was lovely to walk along the beach in the sunshine with my friends, but that sea air made me very sleepy, had to go back for an afternoon nap!
Oh, and whoever said adults behaved sensibly got it very wrong, but I'll be back again soon with some more photos and the stories behind them!

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Hey, I'm still around! Nana took me to Ally Pally last weekend, though I only came out at lunch time, but look who joined me!
Shirley had brought Candy with her, but she wore me out playing, took a liking to riding on my back!

Paula brought Koala, but he just sat there looking, didn't save me!

At last, Bongo put in an appearance and took control of Candy, but by that time I was ready for a sleep! We had a lovely group hug! Shame all our other friends couldn't be with us!
Oh, and Nana had a wonderful time at the show, and said it was lovely to see all her friends there!

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Today the paint brushes took a rest in this house as we had visitors, so I got some attention, at last!

Sam decided it would be good to play trains - little did I know what I was in for!

Good thing the train was going the other way, I could have been squashed! See how he thinks it is funny!

This is a bit hairy, I don't even fit in the carriage! Hope he holds on to me very tightly!

At least I got a kiss after my hair raising experience! And Sam said I was nice and soft, not prickly!

Monday, 9 August 2010

This house went a bit diy mad over the weekend!
Rachel and Andy came to sort out the bannisters, and here I am inspecting the progress! Ouch, he missed that nail!

Andy says this is a vital piece of equipment, just know it was too heavy for me to lift!

I'm told this stuff is sticky, and will hold everything in place. Better make sure I keep away from it, don't want to get my fur glued up!

I know Mum told me to stay away from holes, but I had to see if there was anything in this one on top of the post. Help I think I'm a bit stuck!

Today I followed Nana out to the garage to inspect the paint, wow, some of those tins sure look old. Getting out of here before one falls on me and I get flattened!

Climbed up the paintbrush to look in this tin, think I'll back down quick, whoever has heard of a red hedgehog!

Just thought I'd let you know I am still around, and not asleep! Well, only what you humans call catnaps!
Here's a couple of pics from a summer evening, bbQ with Rachel and Andy! I offered to help lay the mats on the table, and got my nose squashed for my efforts!
Soon made up for that though by finding a glass of vino, just one problem, how do I reach the drink? Suggestions on a postcard please!

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Well I'm doing my celebrating today, look who I went to meet! Mind you, the little chap didn't seem too excited to meet me, never even woke up!
At least I got a cuddle!
I suppose I should be grateful that I wasn't subjected to baby sick or worse things!
He's definitely very cuddly and soft, a bit like me, but not so hairy! Think I'll have to go back for another visit!

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Oh dear, playing catch up again! Don't know where the time goes, or what I get up to most days!
One of the prompts was about diet, well, look what happened to me when I went looking for food when I felt peckish! Blooming fridge doors are too much for me to handle!

Then all I could find was these things, how do I get in there?
Nana has trained me well, football is for sissies! Well, real men play rugby, what does that say about me as I can't even keep my balance on this small rugby ball! HELP!!!!!
Must confess though I have seen a few of the World cup matches, not very exciting!
As for the celebration prompt, I'm saving that one for when Aunty Helen has her baby, not long now!