Saturday, 2 October 2010

Hey, I'm still around! Nana took me to Ally Pally last weekend, though I only came out at lunch time, but look who joined me!
Shirley had brought Candy with her, but she wore me out playing, took a liking to riding on my back!

Paula brought Koala, but he just sat there looking, didn't save me!

At last, Bongo put in an appearance and took control of Candy, but by that time I was ready for a sleep! We had a lovely group hug! Shame all our other friends couldn't be with us!
Oh, and Nana had a wonderful time at the show, and said it was lovely to see all her friends there!


  1. Lovely to see Candy out and about on her first scrapbooking/stash shopping outing. Shame she wore you out though, just imagine how poor Bongo feels {{wacko}} lol. Glad you all had a lovely meet up, looking forward to see you all next weekend. Monkey x

  2. Candy really enjoyed herself at the show and I must admit it was lovely to hand her over to you for a while.
    The family are really looking forward to seeing everyone next weekend.