Sunday, 11 April 2010

Ok, so I've got distracted from the prompts, but I had a lovely day out at Ally Pally! Look, I met my good friends Bongo and Koala, though I'm not sure why Bongo is kicking me in the eye! I thought he was pleased to see me!

We chose what we wanted for lunch, not sure why it never appeared!

Here I am trying to save Koala from diving head first into the glass! Think he was thirsty, poor fellow!

Had to forage around for some food!
How does one get a drink around here?????


  1. Ha Ha Love Hedgie's antics, thanks for saving me from drowning, it was lovely to see you again, not long till our next catch up!!!

    Koala xx

  2. Sorry Hedgie I did not mean to kick you in the eye, good job I did not have my boots on!!!
    It was great to meet up with you and Koala, not sure why we had to spend so much time in the bar though!

  3. Looks like you had a great time meeting Bongo and Koala. Shame you didn't manage to get much to eat or drink though. Well done for saving Koala.

  4. Great to see the photos of your meet up - it looks like it was lots of fun (if you ignore the kick in the eye and lack of food and drink of course!). Monkey x

  5. OOH Hedgie I'm so sad I missed seeing you!!! Looks like you had fun though. Curly xxx

  6. Sorry to have missed you guys but Lynne says we will meet up soon??? She keeps saying that but she won't say when LOL!!
    Love Clemmie xx

  7. I am glad you had a lovely day out Hedgie meeting up with all your friends :)