Monday, 24 May 2010

Well here I am, the missing hedgehog! Nana has really been looking after me, but not letting me near the computer much! And sad to say, she doesn't always remember to take photos of me on my adventures!

Let me tell you some of what I've been up to this month!
Aunty Sarah moved into a new flat and I went to explore, I'm so tiny I could get lost there!

Aunty Sarah took me on a trip to Lidl, didn't feel too safe balanced on this trolley though!

Nana took me to the crop the other Sunday, I got into an awful pickle though in Paula's tote bag, I was only looking for my friend Koala!

I've also been on a trip to London to meet up with family, the only time I got remembered was when they first sat down in the restaurant, so I explored the table! After that food and chatting took over, and I was relegated to Nana's bag!
Hey, look Duckie, I found this in the book shop the other day, shame the picture isn't a very good likeness of you! I wanted to buy it but Nana said I hadn't saved enough pennies!


  1. Ooh a book about me. How exciting.

  2. You have been busy in between your naps Hedgie. That trolley balancing act looks a bit scary and i hope you were rescued from the craft bag incident quickly! Monkey x

  3. You look nice and snug with Auntie Sarah Hedgie!
    You have been a bit busy one way and another, so glad you were allowed near the computer at last!

  4. Hello I am back too, have you missed me?
    Don't tell Lynne I am on the computer, she is busy doing DHW LOL!!

    Have a few prompts done but finding some of the weeks difficult at the mo :(
    Lots of love Clemmie xx