Thursday, 25 March 2010

I've been a busy little Hedgie and nearly finished Monkey's prompts!

They don't seem to watch many films in this house, but did find these old favourite videos that belong to Aunty Sarah, but she told me she likes horror films best, none here though!

Well, I don't know much about space at all, but Nana did find these stickers for her grandchildren to play with! All looks very strange to me! Don't think any of those planets look suitable for a hedgehog to visit!

I love to play children's games so it was hard to choose a favourite but I do like this one, all those little bugs are so cute!

Helped Nana take out the recycling today, and accidently fell in the big green wheelie bin, so glad Nana heard my cries and rescued me, bit scary in there!

Now I will have to see if I am brave enough for the extreme sport, might have to think a long time about this!


  1. Hedgie that looks like a really big bin you fell into. You must be very careful when you are out and about!
    I wonder what Extreme sport you will be doing!
    Look forward to seeing it what ever it might be.

  2. Loving your catch up Hedgie. That long sleep must have done you good.

  3. Brilliant catch up hedgie, you seem to have had a great sleep and have woken up with a lot of energy LOL!!
    Love Clemmie xx