Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Days of the week prompts.

Sunday, decided to see what this sewing lark is all about, Nana like to do embroidery on this huge machine, looks a bit dangerous to me, a sharp needle going up and down at great speed! Do you like Winnie the Pooh?

Monday, Nana got me helping to count the 5p coins she saves in a jar, didn't have the faintest idea how much they are worth but Nana says they will help pay for stash at Ally Pally!


  1. Whopeeeeeeee great to see you have finally aroused from your slumbers Hedgie and yes we did have a great day out together a few weeks ago!
    I hope you manage to stay awake now that spring has sprung. LOL
    Mind you it does look like you have woken up on a few occasions. Love that Winnie the Pooh but make sure you stay well back from that needle it looks a bit scary to me.
    Looking forward to seeing you and Nanna at Ally Pally, maybe she will treat us all to some sweets off the sweet stall with some of those pennies, Shirley told me they have a big sweetie stall there and if I am good she will by me some chocolate. LOL.

  2. Oh Hedgie you are finally awake, we have missed you dear friend xxx
    I am so sad as once again I won't be seeing you at AP after all :(
    Clemmie xxx