Friday, 26 March 2010

Still playing catch up!

Here is my unusual mode of transport, bit worrying though as there is no driver and I think I could be in danger of being tipped out anytime!

Funny things are everywhere! I thought teddy bears were soft and cuddly, but not this one!

Just tell yourself Duckie, you're really quite lucky!
Not like this poor fellow who was getting a bath! Least he had some bubbles! Oooh, better move, think I am in danger of falling in!


  1. Wow Hedgie, you are doing a major catch up here. Love all your photos.... that digger looks cool but I'd be a bit worried about the no driver business. I wonder if you have any of the videos for Pamela's prompts in that collection there? Monkey x

  2. Hedgie those bubbles look rather wet, that poor Duck looks very soggy!
    Good to see that you have woken up properly now. :o)

  3. Love the digger, think we have things like that in our house!
    I nearl had to go in water in the extreme sport video like Tom in the water babies.
    My advice is be very careful and don't get wet and you will be OK LOL!
    love Clemmie xx

  4. That will teach you to fall asleep for quite so long Hedgie - what a mammoth catch up. Well done for doing so much.

    I have missed you. Love Pamela x

  5. Wow you have woken up Hedgie, thats good and it must also mean Spring is here at last as you are now up and about again :-)

    Love all your photos and antics xxx

  6. Be careful Hedgie!! Water & Hedgies don't mix!! Although you look like you have a lifeguard just waiting to save you!

  7. Fab catch up Hedgie I'll have to do the same or maybe I'll just do my holiday instead!