Monday, 24 May 2010

Hey look, this is me, spending TIME, having FUN in the sun! Well, I kept out of the sun as Nana said I could get burnt, and that sun cream would just make me all sticky and yukky! I've got a nice glass of water so I don't dehydrate, but how am I supposed to get at it? Could have given me a straw!

Off for a snooze now, hopefully back soon!

Oh, and congratulations are in order for my friend Bongo, he's only gone and popped the question to his girlfriend! I don't really understand it as I don't have a girlfriend, but maybe one day!



  1. Love the hat. You need one of those bendy straws. Hope you get one soon. Don't go back to sleep for too long. Have seen lots of hedgies in our garden - well 2 actually. They seem very busy at the moment.

  2. Great to have you awake again Hedgie - you're our role model remember LOL. Great hat, I thought mine was a little on the small side. Monkey x

  3. Blimey Hedgie I thought you had got lost!
    Lovely to see you mate. :o)
    Hope you stay around for a while.
    Cute hat BTW.

  4. Gosh Hedgie your Nana is very protective and fussy, suncream, hat and drinks LOL!!
    No wonder you keep hibernating but no chance now as the warm weather has arrived dear friend
    I too am up and about again
    Hope you come and see my blog soon
    Love from Clemmie xxx