Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Patch wanted to know my best personality trait, whatever that is! I think I am just a super hedgehog, as I am really jealous I am not allowed to hibernate properly, and sleep, sleep, SLEEP, like this friend! But did you know that? Bet you didn't as I don't like to keep on about it..................much!


  1. Must be those Super hero genes that you have inherited Hedgie.
    Pity you aren't allowed to sleep when you need it though, I bet Nana take forty winks when she needs them!

  2. I love sleeping and I used to get to do a lot of it, but I expect this year will be different if Laura is planning on following me around!

    Love Melman. X

  3. Oh Hedgie I like snoozing too! I am lucky that 9 times out of 10 Lynne forgets about me with her busy life so I just snooze or go around the house being nosey LOL!

    i like the idea that you may be a super hedgehog, just the kind of friend I would like LOL!
    love from your friend Clemmie xxx

  4. Just think of all the fun you would miss out on Hedgie if you were to hibernate all winter!!!!

  5. Oh hedgie sorry you are not allowed to sleep. I definitely think you are a super hedgehog.