Monday, 1 February 2010

OK, so I've been a naughty Hedgie and have been doing what all sensible hedgehogs do this time of year, having a sleep! And jolly good it was too! But then Nana came along and POKED me, told me I had fallen behind and needed to play catch up! So here I am!
Karen set some prompts last week, so here are a few of my answers!
If I could choose a meal, I'm very partial to bangers and mash, not so sure about that green stuff though!

What would I do after a bad day? Well, I think I'd follow Grandpa's example and have a drop of this, he seems to enjoy it but never shares with me!

What do I wish I hadn't done yesterday - offered to help make breakfast, this shiny thing looks dangerous, and nobody warned me it gets hot! What's it for anyway?

Now I need another sleep to think about the rest of those questions!


  1. Oh Hedgie mum says that shiny thing is very dangerous and you should be way more careful or you#ll get black toes! Hope you get another snooze hun Curly xx

  2. Hello Hedgie. Glad to see you again. Hope you have had a good sleep and are feeling more refreshed.
    I would be very careful of that shiny thing. Looks like you could fall down those holes and there is no knowing what you may find at the bottom. Quack.

  3. About time you posted Hedgie I was begining to think you had gone to sleep until spring!
    Bangers and mash, I have not tasted that, is that brown stuff chocolate sauce? If it is I might have to persuade Shirley to make bangers and mash.:)
    Watch out for your little toes going around the kitchen they can be very dangerous places.

  4. Hello Hedgie thought you had emigrated to far off places LOL!!
    I am so pleased you are OK and only having a snooze though it was a rather long one LOL!!
    I'm not sure about Lynne and Peter's food as they eat a lot og green stuff but I am partial to the red liquid which I find around the house! and don't mention chocolate as I can never find it:(
    Hope you are around later?
    love Clemmie xxx