Thursday, 18 February 2010

I'm so sorry I've been MIA, that's what Nana calls it! But to be honest I've been sleeping! But I have tackled this week's questions!

I'd like to be a lorry driver when I grow bigger, at the moment all the lorries are either too big or too small for me!

If I went to school I'd like to study cookery, it looks like fun, and you get to be messy sometimes, but at the end you have yummy food!

I don't think I'd like to study languages at school, can't even understand English sometimes, all those wierd words! In fact, I don't think I'd like to go to school at all! Interrupts sleeping time!

Food I've tried and not liked - EGGS! I don't understand how something that is hard when you first take it can turn into something soft and sometimes runny!

Haven't met any new people this week, probably because I was asleep! But I did get to meet Iggle Pop! Not sure who he is but Sam seems to like him a lot and let me have my photo taken with him!

I'm still thinking who I'd like to meet, would have to be someone really special to top all the great people I have met so far!

And if I had a dinner party, well, I'd have to invite all my special toy friends from UKS!


  1. Hedgie, it is Iggle Piggle not Iggle Pop. Lovely to hear from you again! I was beginning to think that you had hibernated.

    Love Pamela x

  2. Hope you had a good sleep, I don't blame you in this cold weather. Well done on catching up. I've never tried eggs, might need to add that to my to-do list. Monkey x

  3. Hedgie welcome back, we were all worried about you! Clemmie will be so pleased to see you have woken up when he returns.
    What a lot of things you have learnt about in such a short time that long sleep must have done you good!
    love Lynne xx

  4. Hope you have caught up on your sleep, although I do not blame you for hibernating in this horrible cold weather - LOL!!!

  5. Hibernating sounds good if it's really cold but please stay awake for next weekend I'm really looking forward to meeting you hun. Curly xxx

  6. Hedgie great to see you have woken up but don't blame you for having a long snooze. Sometimes us toys need to relax and sleep especially as we seem to have cameras pointed at us most of the time we are awake!!!!

  7. Hedgie! I have that Eddie Stobart lorry!

    Love Laura & Melman