Thursday, 4 February 2010

Have to be honest here! Yes, Nana has made me very welcome, but Grandpa isn't too sure about me, thinks there are too many hedgehogs in the house already! But he tolerates me!
Nana takes me out most times with her, this is my usual mode of travel, in her shopping bag! That's ok until she puts something heavy in there and I get squashed!

I haven't resorted to spying yet, but found these the other day, might come in useful! They are a bit large for me to carry around though!

Do they share with me? Honest answer - NO! See, I found Grandpa had been eating peanuts, and all that was left for me, well, you can see for yourself! And I'm lucky to get a sniff of chocolate!

Do I think Nana is insane? Well, if I knew what that meant I might be able to answer the question! Long as she remembers me that's all I ask!


  1. Oh Hedgie well done answering all these questions, I have just done my stint on the computer so I too am ready for tomorrow too!
    Hope the questions are easier next weel LOL!!

    Why do these adults eat in secret and not share all the goodies?

    Glad your Nana isn't insane either and I think this spying lark is too much like hard work, I WOULD MUCH RATHER SNOOZE
    Lots of Love Clemmie xx

  2. I think your Nana is kind and special and you should totally appreciate her. Chocolate will only make you plump!
    Love Pamela x

  3. I agree with Claire Hedgie, I think you are very lucky to have such a kind and special Nana :)

    I am sure if truth be known she spoils you really!!!

  4. Oh Hedgie hope you do not get too squished in that bag. Those binoculars look as though they could come in very useful. Shame they didn't leave you any peanuts.

  5. That does look quite a full bag, but I know your Nana is a lovely person so she wouldn't let you get squished! Shame about the sharing - my family don't share anything with me either. Monkey x

  6. I think you have a very special Nana Hedgie and I'm sure she cares very much about you that bag looks way roomier than the one my mum puts me in Tee hee. Curly xx

  7. Hedgie you really have to get to that chocolate first you don't know what you are missing.
    I am sure your Nana would not want to squish you she loves Hedgies.
    I wish Shirley would get a nice shopping bag as she definately squishes me up in her handbag inside a plastic bag.
    I think she did that to you when you went on holiday with her last year too!!!!