Thursday, 21 January 2010

Where would I like to be right now? I'd really like to be hibernating, that is what hedgehogs do in the winter apparently! But as I don't seem to be allowed to, I think I'd like to be somewhere like this, sunny and warm! Though I don't like the look of all that water, but Nana says there is dry land! Maybe Aunty Shirley or Aunty Kay will take me away again, though Nana says they can't as I have to stay put with her for the next year to record my adventures!


  1. That looks a lovely place to be Hedgie. I love water but Mrs N says that is salt water and I wouldn't like it. Loving that sun though.
    Quack quack xDuckie

  2. Hedgie Lynne says IF we go some where else instead of Montana it will look like that! Not sure if I am a dog that likes water and will I find the sun too hot with my fur coat?
    More things to think about! Off for a snooze
    Much love friend, Clemmie xx

  3. Hedgie all that sun and warmth looks like a gorgeous place to be, especially on a day like today when it is so wet and cold!!!

  4. Oh yes that does look gorgeous doesn't it?

    Perhaps we could all have a retreat there?

    Love Pamela x

  5. Hedgie, Shirley has promised to take me on holiday somewhere warm too but she can't seem to make up her mind where!
    Maybe we could all get together and go somewhere nice, I heard Shirley say about Palm trees at Ally Pally so perhaps when we meet there it will lovely and warm. I hope so, then maybe I won't be stuck inside a bag all the time.

  6. Looks like a good place to be Hedgie - I'd be careful of going on a retreat there, you might not come back then Kath would be so sad!

  7. Oh Hedgie Mum says she really wants to go on holiday and you're very welcome to come with us if you can get away from Nana for a little while! Mind you as Auntie Shirley says that Ally Pally place sounds nice and the palm trees are fab apparently. See you there I hope. Curly xxxx Oh Mum sends hugs too.

  8. I'm already on a Holiday! I can see palm trees out of the window. It's very nice on holiday. I wish Laura was here with me.