Saturday, 9 January 2010

I am so small, and when I go exploring I tend to get in a pickle!

This huge drum thing is for washing clothes, well, I don't need that!

I went to look in this cupboard and the door shut on me!

Same thing happened when I looked in this drawer!

And this thing gets very hot, but it does cook my food!

Today I have been very scared by all these things people take for granted! Everything is so large, or am I just very little? Can you see why I am so timid, and would feel so much safer hibernating, but not in Mrs N's compost heap!
At least I didn't get dragged out in the cold today! Thank you Nana!


  1. Oh Hedgie you need to be very careful when you go exploring. Don't want you to get squished. I am very little too.

  2. Oh Hedgie what a scared world you live in with your nana LOL!!
    You could come and sleep with me in Mae's bed it is safe and I am very happy there. I feel frightened now about Lynne and Peter's house, do you think I will have the same problems??
    Your loveing friend Clemmie xxx

  3. Oh Hedgie you have been in a pickle today but at least you have had some adventure, me I have slept all day
    love you lots (as long as you don't stick your prickles in me) Bungly

  4. My goodness me Hedgie, when I clicked on here and saw that washing machine I thought you were about to go for a spin!!! Thank goodness you got out and did some more exploring.
    However, it looks like you managed to find all the scary place in one go.
    Lets hope you don't come across too many more.

  5. Go careful Hedgie - stay out of the kitchen is my advice!!!
    Love Pamela x

  6. Oh Hedgie I think you were safer here with Auntie Kay come back whenever you like.

  7. I agree with Pamela, Hedgie. I am staying clear of the kitchen - it looks like it is a place of work to me! Monkey x

  8. Hedgie you are an accident waiting to happen!! You have had so many scares today!