Wednesday, 6 January 2010

I have been looking out of the windows on and off since last night as all this snow stuff has been falling again! Looks very pretty, but Nana says it causes havoc as no one is used to coping with it! I heard Nana and Auntie Sarah say they were going for a walk, didn't fancy that, so tried hiding, should have chosen a better place than inside Nana's hat as she found me there, and, indignity, stuffed me in her pocket! I should be grateful Nana didn't slip over and squash me! Every so often I was brought out to see what was going on! See, they sat me on top of this huge pile of snow, gave me vertigo! I won't tell you the other indignities I suffered! Then, when we finally got home, and a chance to get in the warm, Nana said I really should try snowman building! WHY? Anyway, that's my effort, not quite as good as some I saw earlier! Least now I am inside again, and can get warm!


  1. At least Nannie's pocket was snuggly and warm. Loving your snowman

  2. awww hedgie, they are rotten taking you out in the cold to pose for photos when you should be asleep somewhere warm. I loved my day out I have to say. Monkey x

  3. Hedgie hope you have warmed up now? Clemmie didn't like the snow much either, but I wonder is he will enjoy making a snowman tomorrow?
    We have to go and post Pamela some clothes tomorrow so guess Clemmie has the choice of my pocket or my handbag, at least you are warm and away from those cold snow flakes in a coat pocket!!

  4. Well done on building a snowman hedgie. If the snow is till here tomorrow I might make a snowduck!! Duckie

  5. I reckon you have built a pretty good snowman there Hedgie, it can't be easy when you have such sort arms and legs and it must be really cold on your tummy when you are walking. At least I am lucky having long arms and legs, even if they do get in the way sometimes
    if I was you I would try and find a good hiding place next time, you never know what that Nana of yours has planned for you.
    Love and warm hugs.

  6. Hedgie I think that you really need to sit Nana down and tell her how you feel.