Thursday, 7 January 2010

I decided today I was staying INSIDE! TOO MUCH COLD out there! So Nana said she'd take me into the Craft room! I've been there before, but not stayed long! It is such a confusing place, so many things in there! I had a good explore, and as you can see, I got into such a pickle and had to be rescued so many times! After my last escapade in the ribbon box I think Nana got fed up with me, so I was sent to bed! Am I complaining?


  1. Hedgie your nanny's craft room looks just like Lynne's we have the same bag just like the one you are in, are you sure you didn't pop into us?
    I wasn't allowed near anything and had to concentrate on the computer. Perhaps it was best as all those ribbons looked VERY scary.
    I have found a very nice place to sleep today, Mae never uses her basket so don't think she will mind me being there :)

  2. You did get in a bit of a pickle didn't you Hedgie but I expect your bed was a lovely warm place to be today.

  3. Hedgie it must be nice to go to bed during the day. Shirley keeps taking me out in the snow, so I am looking for a good hiding place at the moment.
    Those ribbons look a bit dangerous, make sure you do not get lost in them next time you are allowed in Nana's craft room.
    Keep warm and snuggled in your bed as it soesn't look like it is going to get any warmer for a day or two yet!

  4. Lucky you to be let loose in the crafty stuff, I've not been allowed yet. The ribbons look a bit daunting, but with a bit of practise I reckon you could make some interesting knots with them. Monkey x

  5. Yeah great idea Monkey, you could some pretty long lengths if you tied them all together - I am sure Nana won't mind. Some of those would look pretty in my hair.
    Love Pamela x

  6. Be careful in those ribbons H, you don't want to lasoo yourself!!