Friday, 15 January 2010

OK, so you caught me out! Right now I am playing! I found these things called trains, even have names, the blue one is Thomas the Tank Engine! Nana's little boys love to play with these when they come to visit, and I'm told that Grandpa likes to play trains too, though his are a little more sophisticated and kept up in a loft, have to sneak up there one day to see! Also found these story books telling of the trains adventures! Maybe one day I'll write a book of my adventures!


  1. Good to see you out and about having fun Hedgie. :o)
    I have heard about trains, in fact I think I saw a really BIG one when I went for my walk by the river last week. They do make a lot of noise!!!
    I wonder how big the ones Grandpa has got in the loft are?
    Enjoy reading your books, I hope there are not too many big words in them!

  2. Wow Hedgie you have such an exciting life with you nana and Grandpa! hope you get in the loft???? ( waht is that?) soon!
    Wish I could read those books, that is one of my challenges this year to read :)
    Love Clemmie xxx

  3. That blue engine looks fun. Do they do a yellow one? That's my favourite colour.

  4. Oooh my DGS loves these train books - I hope you enjoy them too Hedgie :)