Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Well, I was in a happy mood when I woke up this morning, I slept really well in my new nest! Went for a wander round and look what I found on the kitchen worktop! Well, I've sneaked a piece of chocolate before and it was lovely, but Nana said it wasn't good for me, something about the waistline, but maybe the odd bit would be ok occassionally! Now I am feeling very sad as SOMEONE has obviously been eating chocolate and I didn't even get offered a tiny bit! I won't forget this in a hurry! Maybe if I could look very sad Nana would feel sorry for me and find me a treat of some sort, trouble is I seem to have a naturally happy face!


  1. That is Mrs N favourite chocolate and she has 1 of those very same packets hidden in her craft desk and I saw her eating some earlier as well. Hope you can find a crumb or 2.

    PS I managed a sneaky bit when she wasn't looking.

  2. Maybe if when you have eaten all your dinner Nannie may find a little treat for you Hedgie :)

  3. Oh Hedgie that was terrible...secret eating... these adults are all the same. I found an empty packet of Cadbury's whole nut wrapper in a bin in the craft room the other day, I don't think Peter even saw it LOL!!!!and Lynne says she has PUT on weight...NO WONDER!!
    Love Clemmie xx

  4. Hedgie I think is a fact of life that ladies just have to have these sneaky things in their diet. Usually they manage to hide the evidence but obviously Nana is not an expert at hiding her wrappers.
    I found an empty tube of Jelly beans the other day and heard Shirley saying something about Magpies eating them all.
    I have not seen a bird anywhere in the house so I think she might have been fibbing.
    I will be watching her very carefully and I advise you to do the same with Nana.