Thursday, 14 January 2010

The biggest challenge I have faced? is a challenge, getting used to living with these humans and their funny ways! But I think since coming to live with Nana my biggest challenge has been learning to live with Megan! I am told Megan is a dog, just like you Clemmie! But she is so HUGE compared to me, and is very black and very furry! I think if she got hold of me I would probably be treated as her toy and get chewed up! When I told Nana this she said we would wait until Megan was asleep to take a photo of us together, so here we are!


  1. I am so pleased Nana waited until Megan was asleep for this photo Hedgie, Megan does look rather BIG. What happens when she wakes up?
    I think I would make sure I stayed out of her way!!!!
    Take extra care when walking about the house.

  2. Gosh she does look big. We haven't got one of those at our house I am glad to say - I would be very frightened. You are a very brave Hedgie.

  3. I think I would stick to your nest Hedgie - looks much safer!
    Love Pamela x

  4. Hedgie if Megan is a dog????? (she does look big to me) you are OK cos she wouldn't eat hedgehogs as they are prickly and dogs prefers dog meat and bones so please don't worry.
    What do you do when she is awake?
    love Clemmie xx