Friday, 8 January 2010

It is only mid day but I have already learnt why hedgehogs hibernate in the winter! Nana just took me outside again, and that awful white, cold stuff is still there! She put me on top of a shed to take my photo, and the scene of the garden is just white, I could easily get lost out there! Please, please Nana, rescue me, I want to go back in the warm! I am not meant to be out in the snow and ice, however pretty it looks! My paws and tummy are so cold! Maybe a bowl of soup? Auntie Shirley, where are you?


  1. Hedgie I am writing this today instead of Lynne, aren't computers fun!!
    I had to go out in that white stuff today with a little boy called Zac but I was OK cos Lynne found some wellies for me, a little on the big size but they worked and kept me fairly dry.
    I agree that we little ones could get loast and very cold and wet in it, hope it goes away soon
    Love your friend Clemmie xxx

  2. Hedgie - you look very cold especially with no hat or scarf on. I hope Nana has let you go back in the warm now. I should hide if I were you. Soup is lovely on a cold day. Come and see what I learnt about soup. xDuckie.

  3. Oh Hedgie, you can have your Auntie Shirley's soup I am swimming in the stuff!
    Maybe that is all she can cook, hopefully not!!!
    Roll on warmer days and I don't have to eat soup!
    Fancy putting you on top the shed, you could have fallen and really hurt yourself, maybe your Nana wanted to see if you bounced.

  4. Oh poor Hedgie! Oh to be back in the States with Auntie Shirley!!

  5. Blimey Hedgie, you gave me a fright seeing you such up there - hope you got rescued and taken back in the warm quickly. These humans do have a thing about taking the oddest of photos! Monkey x