Sunday, 10 January 2010

Oh my! Have I been surprised today! Nana said as I had been very good I could explore some more today! So I had a nosey round and then asked to be lifted up to see in this display cupboard!
Imagine, loads more of my relatives, all different shapes and sizes, and even some pictures, some look very old, do they call that heritage?

Nana says she has been collecting hedgehogs as long as she can remember, that is why there are so many! Most were given to her so that they have a good and safe home!

Look, there are even hedgehogs on those things people drink out of, though Nana says they are not for use, they are too pretty! And they might get broken!
See the white one here, he has a wick in him so if he misbehaves he could be set alight. Well that is what Nana says but I don't think she would do that!
I think I could be up here for quite a while getting to know all these hedgies, lots of new friends and playmates! If you can't find me now you know where to look!


  1. How funny - I found lots of relatives today as well. What a lot of new playmates you have.

  2. wow - lots of new hedgehog friends to play with!

  3. Wow Hedgie how unusual to find all your relatives in a cupboard! I hope you don't end up there in 2011 LOL!! I am not sure if your Nanny will let you play there, only sleep?
    I have chilled and dreamed all day,
    your friend Clemmie xx

  4. Wow Hedgie lots of new playmates, better be careful with the china ones though!!!

  5. Wow Hedgie lots and lots of relatives, now I must go and say hello to mine. Mary says she has lots and lots of cats and they all have names. Do your hedgie friends have names?

  6. Wow that is one lot of hedgehogs. You are definitely the most handsome though Hedgie!
    Love Pamela x

  7. My goodness me Hedgie what a lot of friends and relatives you have!
    I hope that you manage to get to know them all, though I suppose that could take you a very long time when you have sooooooooooo many.
    I bet you are Nana's favourite though.

  8. Now that is a lot of hedgehogs! How lovely to have so many relatives close by. I just said to duckie that I need to see if I have any here. Monkey x