Monday, 18 January 2010

That nosey Debbie also wanted to know my evening routine! I'm usually pretty tired early in the evening, probably because I haven't been allowed to hibernate, so I'm early to bed as long as Nana doesn't find me and take me out anywhere! I love it in my cosy nest with my snuggly blanket, and since I found those train books, which are the right size to fit in my nest, I've discovered I like reading in bed! I don't always understand all I read, but like looking at the pictures! Night Night!


  1. Hedgie your bed looks so warm and cosey. Sleep tight, mind the bed bugs don't bite

    Love Pamela x

  2. What time do you go to bed hedgie? I can go anytime I like cos there is no routine here!
    love Clemmie xx

  3. OMG Hadgie I thought you had Curly with you there for a minute!!!!
    You do look rather well snuggled in there.
    I see you are still enjoying Thomas.

  4. How lovely and cosy Hedgie. Looks like you are having the life of Riley there. (Not that I know who Riley is but it is something Mrs N says from time to time). Quack quack

  5. I love to read before bed too Hedgie.